Cornelissen roept EU op om wereldwijd op te komen voor homorechten

STRAATSBURG, 16 januari - GroenLinks-Europarlementariër Marije Cornelissen sprak vandaag in het plenaire debat over homorechten in de wereld. Dit is haar spreektekst. Haar bijdrage is ook te zien op YouTube.

Marije Cornelissen, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group. – Mr President, right now all eyes are on the Olympic Games in Russia – quite rightly so – but meanwhile the situation is also worsening in other continents.

In Uganda, where a month ago the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was adopted. I had the privilege of meeting some of the activists from Uganda, who are among the bravest people that I know. They pleaded desperately for our help.

In Nigeria, where the Senate adopted a bill to criminalise all LGBTI activities and relations. We can still stop that. And even in India, a Supreme Court ruling has made homosexuality a crime again. I hoped that the kind of development we have seen in India over the last decade would go hand in hand, with logically, with more respect for human rights. But that does not automatically happen.

The EU still has a lot to do itself to further the human rights of LGBTI people, but we have enshrined equality in our Treaties. We have a duty to do all we can to help those who are oppressed. The worth of the EU does not lie primarily in its single market or its economy; it lies in its values. Our values of equality need to guide us in our relations with countries like Uganda, Nigeria, India and, definitely, Russia.

I call on the EU institutions to do all in their power to decriminalise homosexuality around the world and to further equal rights. Thank you.

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